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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


Mrs Thompson is our class teacher for our Year 2 class, Birch. 

Mrs Thompson is also our SEND Co-ordinator, is on our Safeguarding Team and is our Domestic Violence Champion.



Special Educational Needs cover a wide area of need, including physical and medical disabilities; behavioural, emotional and communication difficulties, as well as difficulties with cognition and learning. 

At Seascale Primary School we provide for children with a wide range of Special Educational Needs.  We do not seek or require a diagnosis in order to support children: we teach each child according to their individual need. Only when these needs are significant enough to require support additional to, or different from, their peers do we begin to identify a child as having SEN. Most of our children with SEN work alongside their peers for their learning, sometimes with additional or different support within class. At times, children are supported outside of class in one-to-one activities with an adult or in small groups. There are times when children are sufficiently resourced to allow them to follow a bespoke curriculum in school to meet their learning needs. All children in school are enabled to follow the broad routines of the whole school and we actively encourage pupil independence within these parameters. We have a highly trained staff with experience of supporting children with a wide rage of needs and disabilities. All pupils are supported in building positive relationships with staff and children alike. 

At various times in their educational career children may require differing levels of support with their learning. Parents and children will be consulted fully at all stages of the process.

At Seascale School we continually review our Special Needs provision, and we follow the guidelines as laid down by the Local Authority and the SEND Code of Practice.