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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

SATs Week!

A Poem for Year Six

by Mrs Holliday


Today should have been the first day of your SATs

With reading and grammar and mathematics tasks

Your desks would be cleared and your minds would be full

Of tenses, times tables and arithmetic rules.

Each morning you’d come in for breakfast to sit

With your friends, to try and relax for a bit.

We’d chat and make sure you felt ready to show

All that you’d learned and all that you now know.


Some would feel confident, ready to shine

Some nervously waiting for the clock to strike nine

I am sure that you all would have tried very hard

Then enjoyed extra playtimes out on the yard!

But this year is different, no papers to mark

The school remains empty, the classroom is dark

Perhaps you are feeling a little relieved

Or disappointed after working so hard to achieve.


For our SATs week this week, you will stay safe at home

With your family and friends in a space of your own

You’ll continue to work hard and give it your best

Because the truth is, your learning is not just for the test.

There are skills you’ll acquire and facts you’ll remember

You’ve learned lessons to prepare you for life in September

You have built up your knowledge, year after year

You’ve made memories of wonderful times you’ve had here.


SATs form just a small part of your education

They don’t measure kindness or determination

They can’t measure confidence, courage or will

Artistic ability, musical skill,

They won’t tell of the times when at first it’s gone wrong

But you’ve picked yourself up and continued along

They don’t show as a person just how much you’ve grown

And the friendships you’ve made with the people you’ve known.


So although you’re not taking your SATs tests today

We have something very important to say

Your teachers have watched you and cheered you along

On your primary school journey, with all that you’ve done

You’ve aimed high, unafraid to stand out from the crowd

Year Six, you ARE Seascale, and you’ve done us proud.


Year 6 Project

I have spoken to lots of you over the phone about a project we will work on together, which might for part of our leavers' assembly whenever that may be. I will be sending out on EvidenceMe a series of tasks for you to complete and send back to me. The first ones are here:


  • On Thursday, make yourself a bacon sandwich (or another yummy breakfast if you prefer!) and send a photo of you enjoying it for our Virtual SATs week breakfast!
  • At some point this week, please video yourselves dancing to the song below and send it via EvidenceMe. Lots of you requested it for our leavers' song and I would like to put together a video using clips of you all dancing. You'll need to dance to at least 2 minutes of the track so I have plenty of clips to use. You can make up a routine, show off your best moves or just freestyle! Please make sure nobody else is in the video, although pets are welcome!

High School Musical Cast - We're All In This Together (From "High School Musical")

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