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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Peer to Peer, Working with others.

Working Together


Seascale School actively works alongside several small schools in the local area.  Below is a copy of our development plan, which complements the school's own school improvement plan.  We regularly meet as Head Teachers as well as organise coordinator meetings, governor meetings and Administrator meetings to share good practice across the group of small school.

A Shared Beach day with our Small Schools Cluster

School Council Event

The school councils from the cluster schools got together to talk about the roles and responsibilities of school councils members and the problems and possible solutions they have at the moment.


CSSC School Council Event


Please find below the basic job descriptions devised by the combined school councils from Seascale, Thornhill, Arlecdon, Moresby, Waberthwaite and St Begas.


The Chairperson


The Chairperson is responsible for:

Making sure everyone at a school council meeting gets the opportunity to speak and have a say

Make sure the school council members are representing their class views, not just their own

Listen to the views of others

Make sure things are as fair as possible

Help to find solutions to problems brought to the school council

Running decisions made by the council by holding voting at a meeting.

To represent all of the children at official events



The Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for:

Preparing an agenda if relevant

Taking notes during the meeting recording comments and decisions made by the council

Writing up the minutes of school council meetings

Writing letters to various organisations as well as governors and parents

Publishing the minutes for the rest of the school to see (possibly on the website)


General Council Member

General council member is responsible for:

Going to regular meetings of the school council

Ensuring they have reported the views of other children they represent.

Respecting other school councillors and their views

Accurately reporting back to their class the information from the school council meeting

Helping make decisions by voting at the school council meetings

Helping to run any school council event such as fundraising, sports days

Making suggestions to solve problems raised at the school council meeting



We also spent time talking about issues our councils have at the moment.


Behaviour of younger children at playtime

Girls’ football time

Well trained staff at dinner time

Playtime football, too many children playing

Loud dinner hall that echoes and makes the dinner experience unpleasant


More or different after school clubs

Other things that went well

Choosing charities that the children wish to support


We have decided that school councils will keep in contact and ask the opinions of other councils if they have a particularly difficult problem or wish to share things that have gone well.