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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Gallery of Greatness!

We have been working hard on our remote learning tasks and rainbow challenges. Here are some of our highlights...

22nd January

Weekly Round-Up


English: This week we have finished our Romeo & Juliet learning by writing our own modern stories inspired by the tale. Here are some of the best examples:

We have also started looking at the story of Macbeth, and this week took a closer look at the three witches...

In our other subjects:

  • In Maths we continued to work with decimals: multiplying, dividing by powers of 10 and single digit numbers.
  • In PE we took part in a circuit challenge, practising flexibility, strength or cardio exercises. We will repeat this for 3 weeks, choosing a different focus each time.
  • In Music we continued our work on the New Year Carol, practising sign language and singing.
  • In Computing we began a communication unit, looking at using search engines effectively.
  • We continued with our Rainbow Challenges - click here to see how we got on.
  • In Art we looked at the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo and used this as inspiration to create our own face art. Take a look at our Imagination Station to see what we have been up to.

15th January

Imagination Station: Using everyday objects to inspire our drawings

Weekly round-up

This week we have continued our learning via Teams. We have enjoyed meetings to catch up with friends and have shown amazing resilience and growing independence. Tasks this week have included:

Wellbeing Week: Each day Mrs Sutton has set us a Wellbeing challenge, starting with making mighty poses on Mighty Monday.

Romeo & Juliet: We have learned the story of Romeo & Juliet, delved into grammar with relative clauses, and researched to create a Shakespeare fact file. 

Maths: Decimals were the name of the game this week - adding, subtracting, ordering and comparing.

What else? In Science we began experimenting with Light & Darkness; PSCHE saw us travel the globe to challenge gender stereotypes; in PE we attempted HIIT workouts and in art we were inspired to make the ordinary become extraordinary. Check out our inspiration station for photos!