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Seascale Primary School

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Archive Rowan Class

Welcome to Year 6!


Rowan class is made up of 24 Year 6 children. Click on the tabs below to view important information, links and learning materials.

The material below is archived Rowan Class material from the academic Year 2019-20. Please scroll up to see our up-to-date class page. 


Thank you!

Welcome to Rowan Class 2019/20!

We are a mixed Year 5 and 6 class. Use the links below to view important information and to see what we have been up to so far this year. Our timetable, newsletter and charter are all available via the 'Class Information' tab.

Team Captain and Council Elections

This week we held our annual elections and council selections to choose our School, Eco, Arts, Sports, ICT and Reading Councillors. As well as this, many Year 6 children stood for election as Team Captains, in charge of organising and supporting their teammates from Reception to Year 6. This children prepared speeches and delivered them to their team, who then voted. Many votes were extremely close and all of the speeches were fantastic. Click here to read some of their speeches.


Material below is from our Year 4/5 class from the 2018/19 year. Please return to the top of the page to see our current work.



Rowan are a mixed Year 4 and 5 class. Find out what awesome things we've been learning about below!

Goodbye, Year 4/5. Hello, Year 5/6!

Rowan Class,
It has been so much fun,
I cannot believe,
That this year is done.


You are all amazing, 
And what a wealth,
Of knowledge you have,
Just believe in yourselves!


We said bye to Nathan,
And to George too,
That took us down,
To a small twenty-two.


In the Autumn term,
We had Remembrance Day,
Daniel and Ryan amazed us,
With their knowledge every day!


Year 5s worked with Ali,
Animations you made, 
Lucas and Cierran were so talented, 
In the Beacon, work was displayed.

At Christmas we had, 
The whole audience scared,
By Robbie, Morgan and Maisie,
Don’t mess with the bears!


Rehearsals continued, 
For performing Peace Child,
In the end Anna’s baby,
Helped the two tribes reconcile!


After New Year we waited,
For Ciara and Aidan to come, 
They made it in Spring, 
To begin having fun.


Your class assembly was awesome, 
The show you did steal,
Stephen strutted his stuff,
In his dress and high heels!


Never off Lexia, 
Ethan’s done it all, 
Amy’s art was wonderful,
With her green screen waterfall!

The times table game, 
Might get you a sticker, 
But you’ll have to beat Annie,
She is so much quicker!


James is catching up, 
Competitive they are, 
But most improved is Liam,
On TT Rockstars!


With tractor facts galore, 
Bradley has his nose in a book, 
And have you read his stories, 
If not, take a look!


IT councillors,
Look after the CDC,
Ellie and Josh,
Keep it clean and tidy!


Y5s went to York,
Tom’s first trip away,
We had so much fun,
Kallie wanted to stay!


Dark skies with year 4,  
Showed us we are all star dust, 
To put on a great performance, 
Martha and Ella I could trust!


Oliver’s dairy cows, 
Supplied us all with ice cream,
After this year’s Let’s Celebrate
It was like a dream!


Thank you for the pictures,
The presents and the cards, 
But the best gift of all, 
Is knowing you are all stars!


Have a great summer!

Love, Miss Conroy x

Watercolour and Sketching Club

What wonderful, detailed work done in an after school club! 


Rowan class planted their own potatoes. Finally, they were ready for harvesting. Look how many we grew!

Haiku Poems

We have been writing Haiku poems about the quiet area ☀️🌳🌷

Beach Descriptive Writing

Suspense Story Writing


Wow! This child is so inspired by our story, Room 13, they are writing their own story at home! All that effort certainly deserves... a head teacher’s award! 🏅👻

The Mist Part One


One night, I was on my regular 10pm dog run when I heard a noise. Not a pleasant or familiar noise, but something drew me to it... It got louder and louder.

I ended up in a gloomy, dark forest. After 3 minutes of running, I could see some greeny-blue mist. The mist got closer and closer, the floor rose like a ghost and BANG...

The floor exploded just above my head! 

Next thing I knew, I was in a pit of mist. My dog Floss, a collie, howled like mad!

STEM Event Y5 June 2019

Year 5 took part in STEM activities based around the science topic Materials and their Properties. They took part in mini workshops about: liquid density, electricity, magnetism, friction and filtration.

Sports Day 2019

Rowan enjoyed sports day in the sunshine!

Scaffold the World - STEM Challenge work KAEFER

Observational Drawings

Rowan have been spending time in the quiet area and woodlands making some observational drawings of plants and flowers.

Rainforest Comics

Still image for this video
Some children in Rowan have been hard at work creating comics about rainforests for our class assembly.

World Book Day March 2019

Based on Julia Donaldson's Tiddler, Scrappie is Rowan class' own version of the story!

Australasia Research Homework

Check out these amazing research projects! The children love being able to present their homework in any way they choose.

Rainforest Poetry March 2019

Rainforest Art

The children showed off their blending skills by painting a piece of this toucan each. What fantastic teamwork!

500 Words 2019 Feb 2019


Rowan class watched BBC’s live lesson today to launch 500 words! Here, children are exploring different characters and settings and thinking about what type of stories can be created for different genres! We had princesses stuck in Egypt, a fireman trying to put out an underwater fire and pirates solving a parrot murder mystery!

Which materials make the best insulators?


Year 5 investigated which materials would be most suitable to build a den for a vole to hibernate in our quiet area.

Wet Playtime Readers

Well done to boys in Rowan class for spending their wet playtime reading to Year 1!

The Doodle Bug Oct 2018


Ian Brealey visited the school to show us everyone can draw! The children were all really pleased with the progress they made with their drawings and they learned some really useful techniques. Ian is a great role model and very inspirational.

The Planets in our Solar System


Year 5 children have been using fruits and vegetables to represent the planets in our solar system. We then represented their distance from the sun.

Wheelchair Basketball Sept 2018


Because we had so much fun with Nat from Cumbria Wheelchair Sports Club last summer, we were delighted to welcome him back this year to practise some matches!




Poet Visit - Emma McGordon Sept 2018


Rowan class had great fun working with poet Emma to create poems about life in Seascale through the years. We played games then learned lots of hints and tips about how to create brilliant poems!


COMING SOON - a poeTREE of all our wonderful work!




Scroll down to see Rowan's learning in the 2017/18 school year.

Symmetry in Shapes July 2018


We have been using Geomag to investigate lines of symmetry in 2D and 3D shapes. 

Let’s Celebrate July 2018


Rowan class performed their favourite teeth song Save your Tooth (by The Singing Dentist) and Mama Mia for parents, governors and friends. It was a lovely afternoon - thanks to all who attended!

Quadrilaterals July 2018


What better way to show our learning about quadrilaterals than with spaghetti and marshmallows?!

Tessellations July 2018


Rowan have been tessellating shapes to make patterns, make other shapes and find angles. Who knew shapes could be so fun?!

Big Play Day July 2018

Rowan children have been learning the clarinet with Miss Bailey. They performed their music at The Big Play Day, by Cumbria Music Hub, and were an asset to Seascale School! Well done Rowan class!

Hawes End Residential


Rowan enjoyed being joined by Year 3s in Holly class for our residential to Hawes End in Keswick.

Canoeing at Hawse End June 2018

Multiplication Masters!

Take a look at our brand new multiplication masters wall! Which multiplication and division facts are you working on? Can you reach the top?
Wheelchair Basketball May 2018

Nat from Cumbria Wheelchair Sports Club came to talk to the children about his club and his achievements despite being disabled. Rowan had great fun having a go in the wheelchairs. We practised turning, travelling backwards and pulling other children along. 

What a View! Hawesend Preview

Varjak Paw Poetry May 2018

Varjak Paw has bravely ventured out of the Contessa's house and into the Outside. Suddenly, huge, metal monsters whizz past him... Could they be dogs? sad

Rowan have enjoyed writing list poems with powerful, emotive language to describe what Varjak saw and how he felt.

French learning 🇫🇷

Varjak Paw Freeze Frames April 2018

Botanical Flower Drawings

Dissecting Daffodils April 2018