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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Activity week


In Seascale School all the children are taking part in activity week. Instead of learning maths and English the might be learning some Bollywood dancing, sports, arts and crafts and many more.

Children from the age 5-11 are having lots of fun as we know because we have taken a few picture and quotes from the  pupils.


Here are the quotes;

“ Sewing is really fun and I enjoy taking time on it,” quoted Leona in patchwork.

“I am really enjoying doing my giraffe” said Ethan in hama beads.

“I am really enjoying painting my picture,” Quoted Grace in water coloring.

“This is fun breaking biscuits,” said Jessie and Beth.

“It is fun especially playing different games,” quoted Miss Dunn doing parachute games.

“The pupils have concentrated on their photos. It is fun taking photos of al the different activities going on. I would love to do it again,” said Miss Culley.



“I love drawring, I would love to do it again,” quoted Ellie doing drawring.

“It is so fun working in partners while trying something new,” said Sophie doing Bollywood dancing.

Our school is really lucky because we have a fantastic Bollywood workshop which all the children are being envolved in and enjoying.

This newspaper report James D, Ellen P and Abigail O.