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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

24th November


English: This week you have spellings to practise, but you must also know which homophone to use in different sentences. It's no good just practising the spellings if you're not sure which to use in which situation. 

You have two English sheets to complete this week. One will focus on using they're, there and their. The other is about choosing your and you're. 


The worksheets are in your purple books. This homework is due in on Monday 29th November


History: Your history project is to create a presentation on Tutankhamun. This could be a poster, leaflet, Powerpoint presentation, artwork or fact-file, or indeed any other medium that you choose. Rules for the project:

  • You should include some key facts and dates about Tutankhamun himself.
  • You should include some facts about his tomb and its discovery.
  • You should try to include reasons what we can learn from the discovery or why it was so important.

This is a longer project so you have until Monday 13th December to complete it. We will present our homework to the class in the last week of term. Here are some websites which may help you:




Spellings - due 29th November