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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

23rd February

Homework 23rd January 2022


Spellings: Every group has spellings set on Readiwriter this week rather than in their green books. Please complete your group’s spelling tasks.


Lemurs: Your unit is called ir making the /ur/ sound entry. It is the first one in the list for your group. There is a second unit to try if you find the first one too easy.


Macaws & Hedgehogs: Your unit is called anti- and ir- test words. Each group then has a different challenge unit for if they find this too easy.


Please ensure you have completed the whole unit on Readiwriter before our test on Monday.



Art: In art today we have learned about the 4 rules of shading:



Please use these rules to attempt the art sheet in your book.




For music, I would like you to practise learning some of the sign language for our Lean on Me song. To do this:


  • Go to and use the username and password from your Reading Record
  • Click on the unit “Lean on Me”
  • Go to Launch Step 1
  • Click on the signed song tab. Watch the video and try to learn the chorus (or more if you can!)