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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

14th October

In RE we have learned about what sacred texts say about truthfulness, and have discussed stories about telling the truth. If you need a reminder, the boy who cried wolf is available here:


Your task is to write a story or create a comic strip for your own story with a moral about truthfulness.


Here are your options:

  • A story written on a word processing document and uploaded.
  • A handwritten story, submitted by scanning in or taking a clear photograph and uploading.
  • A comic strip, printed and handwritten/hand-drawn, scanned or photographed and uploaded. There is a PDF template and a word template attached which will work for this.
  • A comic strip, typed or completed on the computer There is a Word document which can be edited and saved before uploading.
  • A comic strip, using an image or PDF editor, "Marked up" or edited on a phone/tablet or iPad, before saving and uploading.


Choose which method suits you, and choose a method which you are able to complete depending on what device you have. Please do not handwrite if you have no way of getting the image onto Teams!


If you need help with this, please let me know before Friday and I can help. We will make time to share our stories in class.